Polar Bear House

The textile thermal insulation material developed at ITV Denkendorf creates a building with an optimal energy balance.

Translucent, flexible and lightweight - with these properties, the ITV's textile thermal insulation material inspired by nature is recommended for many solar thermal applications. The insulating material was inspired by polar bear fur, which keeps its wearer warm by providing an insulating air cushion between and within the hairs. The colorless hollow-fiber-like hairs of the polar bear are able to effectively prevent heat from escaping by enclosing tiny air spaces and transferring solar energy to the black skin. The ITV's energy-efficient thermal insulation is designed according to this principle: incident sunlight is transmitted directly to an absorbent layer on the underside, ensuring maximum heat gain.

With the construction of a "polar bear house", the ITV, in collaboration with civil engineers and system developers, is demonstrating the application possibilities and innovation potential of transparent thermal insulation for improving the energy balance.


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