AI Data Tooling

In the research project AI Data Tooling, tools and methods for the provision of data from all modalities (camera, lidar, radar, IMU, etc.) for AI-based functions are being developed and investigated for the first time.

Through the integrated consideration of real data and synthetic data as well as the use of efficiency potentials in their combination, a "data factory" will be developed for the first time in this project as a complete solution for the training and validation of AI-based automated driving functions.

KI-DT is funded by the BMWi as part of the BMWi technical program "New Vehicle and System Technologies".


Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Powertrain Systems Stuttgart

Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Casal Kulzer
Pfaffenwaldring 12
70569 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 685-65888
Fax: +49 711 685-65710

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