REWARD - effective wastewater recycling

Enormous consumption of water and washing chemicals, in addition to hazardous wastewater, pose immense challenges to the sustainability and profitability of laundries. The goal of the research project is to develop an innovative water reuse technology to establish optimal, sustainable water and resource management in the laundry industry.

Commercial laundry processes consume a lot of water and discharge detergent chemicals into wastewater. On the one hand, this is associated with high costs for the industry; on the other hand, the wastewater from laundries pollutes the environment.

The objective of the collaborative project "REWARD" is to develop innovative and efficient technologies for the laundry industry to ensure optimal use of the resources water and detergent chemicals. The plan is to use the newly developed technology to reuse almost all of the wastewater from commercial laundry processes. Sustainable water and resource management should lead to increased environmental protection and profitability in the laundry industry.

„Hohenstein: REWARD collaborative project for sustainable resource management“
„Hohenstein: REWARD collaborative project for sustainable resource management“


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