PhotonQ - Measurement-based photonic quantum processors

The aim of the PhotonQ project is to develop a measurement-based photonic quantum computer. This is based on a different functional principle than gate-based quantum computers and, due to advantageous physical properties, offers the potential of rapid scaling to practice-relevant qubit numbers.

There are various approaches for research into new, scalable quantum processors, including atom and ion traps, superconductors, semiconductors or entangled photons. In the PhotonQ project, the heart of the quantum processor is an integrated photonic chip. The innBW institute IMS CHIPS is working on the project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with around 16 million euros, together with the universities of Stuttgart, Würzburg, Mainz and Ulm, the Technical University of Munich and Vanguard Automation GmbH. IMS CHIPS researches and develops the integrated photonic chips with novel components such as ultra-low-attenuation phase shifters. In addition, an optical AVT with low transmission losses will be established to connect the individual system components.

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Principle of the measurable quantum processor.
Photo: University of Stuttgart / Stefanie Barz



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