Medication out of a tooth

Hahn-Schickard in Villingen-Schwenningen is developing a dental prosthesis that can deliver liquid medication with high precision and continuously. The focus here is on the therapy of Parkinson's disease.

Together with 8 partners from 4 European countries, Hahn-Schickard is working on a telemedical overall system for the remote care of Parkinson's patients. In this context, Hahn-Schickard is developing the dosing cartridge "BuccalDose", which is worn as part of a dental prosthesis of two teeth and can continuously deliver medication without electrical energy. The medication is delivered to the buccal mucosa, which can absorb active ingredients particularly well and quickly. The developers are exploiting this advantage to keep the specified level of active ingredient in a patient's blood as constant as possible over a long period of time. The more advanced the Parkinson's disease, the more important this is. A separate device (base station) detects the cartridge during daily changes and measures the amount of active ingredient delivered. This information is transmitted wirelessly and can be retrieved by the attending physician.


Institute of Micro- and Information Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfons Dehé
Wilhelm-Schickard-Straße 10
78052 Villingen-Schwenningen
Phone: +49 7721 943-0

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