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IT security suitcase for higher IT security

Many IT products turn out to be insecure after their introduction. Prominent examples include remote-controlled children's toys, webcams that reveal their passwords, and cloud-connected cars that can be opened without possession of the key. The security vulnerabilities in these examples do not arise from simple implementation errors in the development of the software. Rather, they arise from gross conceptual errors in the design of the system and inadequate implementation of standard IT security practices. To avoid such vulnerabilities, methods that have long been known in research must find their way into practice. To this end, the FZI will provide an "IT security suitcase" that will use concrete problem products to show how serious errors can be avoided as early as the system design stage. To this end, IT products from various application areas will first be examined for security gaps and the results will then be didactically prepared.

The "IT Security Suitcase" is designed as a mobile demonstrator that can be taken to various trade fairs and events in the style of a "road show" to inform visitors about important principles of IT security.

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