Institute of Microanalysis Systems

About us
Hahn-Schickard develops intelligent products with microsystems technology: from the initial idea through manufacturing to the final product - across all industries. The research and development service provider is represented with its institutes at four locations in Baden-Württemberg: in Stuttgart, Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg and Ulm. In trusting cooperation with industry, Hahn-Schickard realizes innovative products and develops technologies in the fields of sensor technology, intelligent embedded systems for the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, lab-on-a-chip and analytics, as well as packaging technology and electrochemical energy systems. The range of services includes the manufacture of small and medium-sized series as well as the transition to large-scale production.

Lab-on-a-Chip Design + Foundry Service, Microanalysis Systems, Microelectronics

Areas of business
Sensors and systems, microfluidics, microtechnology, Lab-on-a-Chip

Institute of Microanalysis Systems

Hahn-Schickard, Freiburg
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Zengerle
Georges-Köhler-Allee 103
79110 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 / 203-73275

Hahn-Schickard, Ulm
Sedanstraße 14
89077 Ulm